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As the parent of a toddler, I'll bet you just can't WAIT for the day when you won't have to change another diaper. It just can't get here fast enough, right?

Potty TrainingI know that when my son was two years old, changing his stinky, loaded diaper was NOT at the top of my "Things I Love Most About Motherhood" list!

Let's face it...our children provide us with many beautiful, life-long memories, but the weight and smell of pee- and poop-soaked diapers won't be one of them! Not to mention the incredible expense - diapers can cost $80, $100, or MORE each month!

Here's the thing, though. While you look forward to the day when your little angel will wear "big boy" or "big girl" underpants, you're also just not sure about how (or when!) to potty-train your child. Don't worry, though, because you are NOT alone!

Unfortunately, Everyone Seems to Have a
Different Potty Training Method...

Potty TrainingFor example, you may have heard about the technique where you let your child wander around the house and yard - butt naked! - with the intention that your little one is supposed to have accidents (on himself AND your furniture), at which time you'll provide "positive discipline" and "reassuring guidance."

I've heard this method called the "Naked and $75 Method" because your child runs around "naked" and you pay "$75" for carpet cleaning when it's all over...

Sorry, but as a mother, I'm not about to let my child run around naked, peeing and pooping on himself and everything in sight. And I'm pretty sure decent carpet cleaning costs more than seventy-five bucks! Especially when you consider what you're asking the carpet cleaner to remove...YUCK!

No, to potty-train your toddler...

EASY, and CHEAP Method...

And preferably, it should be a little-known method that other parents have used quietly - but successfully! - with their own kids. And I want to share that potty training method with you, right here, and right now...

Introducing the latest, most recently updated version of my book: "Potty Train Your Child By NOON...And Have FUN Doing It!"

Potty Training

Indeed, the time-tested potty training technique revealed in this book is...

  • PROVEN: This is the very same method that I used to potty train my own son, and it's been used successfully by my own friends and family members.

  • FAST: With this method, you'll have your son or daughter potty trained in as little as a FEW HOURS. Start by 9AM, and you'll be done by lunchtime! And in those rare cases that take a little longer, you'll be done before dinner.

  • FUN: This method promotes play and bonding between you and your toddler. In fact, you're going to make a GAME out of potty training! As opposed to tears and screaming, there will be real laughter and precious smiles!

  • EASY: This method is VERY SIMPLE. You will know EXACTLY what to do in less than 30 minutes, and your little one will follow right along - without doubt! It just doesn't get any easier!

  • CHEAP: You won't need any fancy tools or props! In fact, you probably already have everything you need right at home. And as for the cost of this book? It's ridiculously CHEAP! (How does LESS THAN TEN BUCKS grab you?)

Well, the good news is that...

You're ONE CLICK AWAY from Getting this Very Method...and it's 100% GUARANTEED!

As a matter of fact, you could have the complete book in front of you in only a few minutes (PDF download). Read it today - and potty train your child TOMORROW, perhaps in as little as THREE HOURS.

And best of all, you have my 100% guarantee that this method will work for your child - no questions asked!

Sure, you could go elsewhere and spend $19, $29, or $39 for a huge book on potty training, but you'd spend HOURS reading a bunch of stuff that will do NOTHING to show you how to potty train your son or daughter.

Why pay for "fluff," when what you want is the good stuff?

Get your digital copy of this book now, and in LESS THAN 30 MINUTES you'll find out:

  • How to tell if YOU are ready for potty-training...(Hint: You ARE!)

  • How to tell if your CHILD is ready for potty-training...(Hint: She IS!)

  • Why most books and videos are WORTHLESS when it comes to REAL-WORLD potty-training...

  • What you'll need to prepare for "The Big Day!"

  • Why you DON'T need to spend big bucks on potty-training...

  • The SIMPLE 5-step process that you'll use to potty-train your child...

  • A complete schedule for the morning of "The Big Day!"

  • What to do if it doesn't work right away...(it WILL before day's end!)

  • Whether to use diapers overnight or training pants...

Get this book TODAY,
spend 30 minutes with it TONIGHT,
and your child will be potty-trained

And best of all, you and your child will have FUN doing crying, no humiliation, no tense moments...just you and your little one having fun together, getting rid of those diapers once and for all!

And what a happy day it will be! Words cannot describe the true sense of accomplishment that your little one will feel when she uses the toilet all by herself for the very first time...

And remember, I guarantee your satisfaction 100% with this book. If you don't like the method, or if it doesn't work for you or your child, you can return it to me within 30 days. I'll give you back every penny that you paid. Every penny!

But don't just take MY word for it! Check out these...

Wonderful Testimonials from Delighted
Parents of Potty-Trained Toddlers...

Dear Kim,

I just wanted to thank you for your book. As I mentioned to you before, my son turned 2 over the summer and he is now completely potty trained. We're expecting a new baby in December and the stress of having to worry about potty training and bringing in a newborn is now gone! Not to mention that we only have to buy diapers for one now.

You had asked me to jot down how we got Jack to use the potty... well, we set aside Friday (our fun day) in the morning to do this. I felt ready for the task, but I was also scared to death. We had a great time that morning and followed the plan exactly as you laid out. I couldn't believe it when it was time for Jack to use the potty...I think it was less than 2 hours after we started! He has done so well since that day. He doesn't even need pull-ups at night!

Thank you so much again. Best of luck with everything!


Sharon C.
Cape St. Claire, PA

I appreciate the nice feedback, Sharon! And here's another one...

Hi Kim!

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Words can't even describe how excited I am that my daughter Amanda is finally potty trained.  We have struggled with this since she turned two, and even though I felt she was ready then, I can see now that I wasn't doing the right things to get her to use the toilet. After almost six months of torture, it took only one day (less than a day, actually) of your method and Amanda is finally "there"! 

I've recommended your book to about a dozen friends and family members and I do hope they'll order from you. I told them that one of the best parts is that it's such an easy method to learn and that I actually read everything I needed to know in about 20 minutes. A couple of them were skeptical, but they've seen how Amanda is now completely diaper-free and they also see how proud and happy she is to use the potty. She feels like a "big girl" now!

She did have one little accident in the middle of the night about a week after we trained, but I think it was because she was overtired that day and slept right through the urge to pee.  Other than that, though, she has been in underpants with no accidents -- day and night!

In a few months, it'll be my son's turn and you can be sure I'm going to use your method again! Thanks so much again, Kim!  I can't tell you how much easier life is now!


Jennifer A.
Park City, UT

Happy to help, Jen! I've enjoyed keeping in touch with you...

And here's another!

Dear Kim,

I never in a million years thought that I would ever enjoy the potty training experience, but I really did. My little boy and I had a ball following your book, and we followed it to the letter!

Between the hopping and the laughing and the dancing, we had a blast! Who knew that such a daunting task could be so much fun?  And by the end of the day, he was in underpants and completely dry. That was two weeks ago and he hasn't had one issue yet. I couldn't be happier or more proud!  Thank you so, so much!

(My husband thanks you, too, because he changed our little boy more than half the time because of my work schedule.  So you've got two huge fans here in Michigan!)

I'll be sure to recommend your book to anyone I know who needs to potty train their child!

Thanks again!

Kathy C.
Flint, MI

I'm glad that hubby's a fan, too! I always enjoy hearing success stories like yours, Kathy...

Now, you don't have to be envious of fantastic results like these. You can HAVE THEM TOMORROW, but only if you order your potty-training book TODAY!

Just Think What a Diaper-Free
Life Would FEEL LIKE...

  • No more heavy, pee-soaked diapers to change...

  • No more smelly, poopy diapers to deal with...

  • No more diaper pails to clean out...


Chances are you're spending $2 to $3 each day - or more - on diapers that just end up in the landfill. Why spend $15 to $20 each week on diapers, when...

You Can Get this PROVEN, FAST, FUN,
EASY, and CHEAP Potty Training Solution
for ONLY $9.97!

And remember, when you get your copy of this guaranteed potty training book, you'll need LESS THAN 30 MINUTES to read the whole thing from beginning to end.

Isn't it worth LESS THAN TEN BUCKS and 30 MINUTES to be rid of diapers forever?

Of course it is! And remember, if for any reason you don't like this potty training book, just return it to me and I'll offer you a complete refund of every penny paid.

You literally have nothing to lose! (Except diapers, of course!)

Remember, this method is...

Mother-Tested, Kid-Tested, and

On that no-risk basis, get your copy of this potty training book NOW!

Most sincerely yours,

Kim MacPherson

P.S. Remember, the book is only $9.97, delivered in an instant (PDF download), and your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. On that basis...

Get Your GUARANTEED Potty Training Guide Right Now!

Potty Training By Noon

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